Huacachina Desert Tour with Sandboarding and Dune Buggies

Veículo para tour no deserto. Ica, Departamento de Ica, Peru. /  Vehicle for desert tour. Ica, Department of Ica, Peru.

This is our traditional dune buggy tour, driven by our expert drivers and exploring the nearby dunes and desert. This tour is catered to our passengers in the sense that it can be a soft trip into the desert with more of a focus on sight-seeing and photography, or it can be an adrenaline experience with speed and big drops as the dune buggy plummets down a dune.

This tour includes sandboarding, in which the driver instructs you, however there are some tourists who opt not to practice this sport. In such case you can wait inside the buggy while others do the sandboarding and ride down the dune in the buggy. The tour covers a 25 k route through the desert as well as a visit to another natural Oasis called Orovilca, when time allows.

Tours can leave at any time during the day, but our most popular departure time is in the afternoon, because it is a little bit cooler and in this tour passengers have a chance to watch a spectacular sunset. Duration of the tour is typically 1 hour during the day. The last tour of the day which leaves at 4:00 only available in group service lasts 2 hours and ends with the sunset.

For participants who have no experience in snowboarding/sandboarding we have homemade wooden boards with Velcro straps which are included in the price of the tour. Most of the time, people lay down on these boards going directly down the dune like a sled, however you can use them on a limited basis standing up.  For participants who have experience in Snowboarding we will provide you with snowboards with boots and bindings at an additional cost.

Virgin Beaches Tour


To the west of Ica City the coastline is completely undeveloped. The only way to access this part of the coast is by 4x 4 vehicle due to the cordillera of daunting dunes that line the coastline. In this full day tour, we will bring you on a 60 km route through the desert arriving at the virgin beaches of Ica, a place only known to straying fisherman and the few lucky tourists that visit each year. There are unbelievable costal views, and intriguing rock formations. Here you will explore the coastline, visiting natural caves, a popular sea lion sun bathing sight, and have a chance to take a swim. We provide a nice bagged lunch. You will return to see the sunset in Huacachina.

Paleontology Tours in the Ocucaje Desert


The Ocucaje Desert has the largest marine fossil deposit in the world. It is for the most part, very rarely explored and appreciated. Here, you can find entire whale bones and sea life dating back from 8 to 20 million years ago. This part of the desert was covered by ocean in ancient times, leaving behind evidence of a variety of sea life in the form of fossils. You will have a chance to search for these ancient treasures guided Paleontologist Mario Urbina..  These tours are operated in a closed in 4×4 vehicle rather than a dune buggy dune to the fine dust and wind storms in this area of the desert

Camping trips in the Desert


The desert is one of the best places to camp because of its clear skies and visibility of the stars. After our traditional Huacachina Dune Buggy Tour, we will bring groups of tourists, friends, high school trips, or couples to a special camping spot we have chosen in the desert. It is a place in the middle of dunes that protect from the wind and far away from any city lights. Here we will cook you a special BBQ meal by a campfire. We will bring stereo equipment for music and a pisco coctail. Upon request, for couples the drivers will drop you off and pick you up in the morning so that you have some privacy. Departure time the next day is 630am-800am depending on individual schedule. Includes camping equipment but if you need a sleeping bag it is $8USD extra cleaning fee.

4-Wheeler/Quad Bike Tour


The tour can go at anytime during the day, but recommended times would be at 9am or after 3pm because of the strong desert sun.

Here you will have the opportunity to drive your own Artic Cat 450cc Automatic Quad bike, guided by an expert riding his own Quad bike to assure that you don’t get lost or go into dangerous drops.

This tour lasts 1 hour and is a desert route through the sourrounding dunes.

4-Wheeler/Quad Bike Day Long Tour to the Beach


This tour leaves at 8am, where you will drive your own Artic Cat 450cc Automatic Quad bike from Huacachina through the dunes 60K to the virgin beaches of Ica. After 2h30 we will arrive at Antana beach where we will see an enormous natural cave, and a sea lion sun bathing spot. Here we will continue 50 minutes Southward along the beach until we arrive at Media Luna Beach, where we will have a chance to relax for a few hours, sunbathe, nap in a hammock, eat lunch, and take a swim. At 3pm max. will start our return through another desert route arriving at Huacachina no later than 6pm.

Restaurant Bar in Huacachina

Restaurant in Huacachina

Restuarant Bar in Huacachina

Desert Nights Restaurant is without a doubt the most popular restaurant in Huacachina. Why? Because we created the restaurant while thinking of you. We have compiled a menu with lots of vegetables and fresh ingredients because we know that traveling long distances means often eating the same old stuff because you are in a rush or in a place that doesn’t have a lot of options. Well in Desert Nights Restaurant, we made sure to have something on the menu for you and all the people in your group.

Desert Nights Restaurant and Bar in Hucacachina provides free WIFI for clients. Most of our waiters speak English, and the ones that don’t are learning, as they are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have about the area or even to go out for a beer after work and show you around town! Generally you don’t need reservations to eat at our restaurant, but sometimes it is a very busy place, especially in high season (June, July, August and Peruvian holidays). If you have a group of 10 people or more and are in a rush its probably a good idea to make a reservation. Desert Nights meals are in the 15-30 soles range on average ($5USD-$11USD). Are prices are average compared to other restaurants in Huacachina which in general are a little more expensive than in the city of Ica. Most of our plates are enormous for the hungry traveler and made with special hygiene and care thinking of travelers stomaches. If you are a group of people who would like a set menu or would like to do a special event like a BBQ, buffet, or party, please send us an email CLICK HERE. We are constantly checking our email from 9am-9pm will write back to you shortly, and guaranteed within 24 hours.

Hostel in Huacachina

Hostel Huacachina

Desert Nights hostel in Huacachina is a Hostelling International Affiliated hostel. It was created out of a colonial ranch built in the early 1900s when Huacachina was mostly an elite summer vacation spot for Limeños “people from Lima, Perú”. It has a lot of colonial character such as high ceilings, colonial tiles and woodwork you would not find in newer constructions. All of the rooms that we have are spacious 8 bed mixed dorm rooms. The rooms have document safes, fans, and linen is included. There is a common TV room, computers, free wifi throughout the building, common bathrooms, and a beautiful patio restaurant overlooking the lagoon of Huacachina. The cost is 20 soles per person per night (about 8USD) except for long holiday weekends like independence day weekend (July 28th), Easter weekend, and New Years. The price does not include breakfast but we have many options for breakfast at our restaurant for you to consider (like our famous enormous pancakes!) Check in is at 3pm unless we have space or people have checked out earlier, and check out is 12 noon. Desert Nights is the cheapest, safest, and friendliest option in Huacachina for budget travelers who want to save some money without sacrificing safety or cleanliness. It is the most likely point for solo travelers to meet others and make local friends too. So if you have been looking for hostels in Huacachina or in Ica, look no further. Come stay with us at Desert Nights. To book a room with us, you can send an email Click Here